Rasmus Olsson

Advent of Code 2020 – TypeScript & Deno

December 25, 2020

I’ve been quite busy the past month attending Advent of Code 2020 and spent a lot of time to do the assignments.

Advent of code is a puzzle game that occurs during advent, from December 01-25 and each day has two puzzles.

I decided to go with TypeScript as the programming language on the Deno platform. For the past 6 months, my main programming language at work has been TypeScript and I really like it so far.

Why deno then..?

TypeScript is a first-class citizen on Deno. It’s made with Rust which makes it fast and secure but on the downside, it doesn’t have a lot of libraries and utilities(yet..) compared to Node.

The biggest advantage I had doing deno was that you simply do deno run --allow-read index.ts to run the TypeScript file directly without having to compile it into js first. You can do this on Node as well by doing for example tsc index.ts | node index.js . But deno has the compiler built-in and linting was provided out of the box which in my opinion made deno a better fit.

All in all, I think Advent of Code 2020 was very fun and I will definitely attend it again in 2021. I provide some links below if you are interested to have a closer look at the code or the event itself.

Advent of Code: https://adventofcode.com/2020/

Github: https://github.com/raholsn/advent-of-code

Happy Coding!

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